‘Bitcoin is one of the most important innovations of our time – it will transform the way we do business. Dominic Frisby has written a great account. Read it and glimpse into the future’
Sir Richard Branson

 ‘The book’s outstanding, but the story it tells is even better.’
Matt Ridley, The Times

‘Frisby does a magnificent job … high intelligence, close observation, asking the un-obvious and finding memorable answers … Since reading Bitcoin I have been thinking about money — what it is, where it comes from — with the same sort of intensity that atheists reserve for their relationship with God …  Read it’.
Michael Bywater, The Spectator

 ‘In this highly readable yet technically accomplished book, Dominic Frisby makes crypto currencies crystal clear. Read it, or fail to understand possibly the most important financial innovation of our time.’
Liam Halligan, Sunday Telegraph

 ‘Despite having an MSc in Computer Science and spending over ten years studying monetary theory, I ignored Bitcoin as hype for too long. You shouldn’t. Read Dominic’s thrilling book and discover the next big thing.’
Steve Baker, MP

‘It’s a stunning piece of work’
Professor Kevin Dowd, Durham University Professor of Finance and Economics