The Author

About Dominic Frisby

Dominic Frisby is, unusually, both a comedian and a financial writer.

As a comedian he has been described as ‘viciously funny and inventive’ by the Guardian; ‘very impressive and very witty’ by The Times and ‘masterful’ by the Evening Standard.

But his first book, Life After The State, has nothing to do with comedy. It is a deadly serious dismantling of the way societies are run in the West, outlining the damage governments unknowingly do to their people, with simple suggestions about how things can be improved. It was published by Unbound in 2013.

As well as gigs up and down the country, Dominic writes an investment column for MoneyWeek and has made numerous short films and videos, including the viral hit ‘Debt Bomb’. His script-writing ranges from episodes of the kids’ show ‘Roary the Racing Car’ to the feature documentary ‘The Four Horsemen’, about the global financial crisis.

He has also worked as a TV presenter, a boxing-ring announcer, a florist, a removal man, an extremely camp theatrical agent’s PA, a sports commentator and a busker. He does a lot of voiceovers.

Bitcoin -The Future of Money? is his second book. With it, he plans to take over the world.